A selection of skateboards, mainly longboards and cruisers. Inspired largely by the timber they are made from.

The cruisers are a laminated construction with a kick tail. The sizes vary depending on the timber used on the deck, but the core material is locally sourced Italian Black Poplar, which is amazingly light with great shock absorbing properties. I'm happy to supply as deck only, or complete with wheels and trucks.

The longboards again vary in size depending on the timber used, and are generally also a laminated construction. Sometimes Poplar, or Finish Birch, but always with a Birch spine which creates an incredibly strong 'T' structure to the deck. This allows for a very thin deck relative to its length, and also gives a real 'pop' to the flex, and at the same time damping the rebound. Again I can supply with or without hardware.

Some of the boards shown below are for sale and I'm happy to discuss bespoke boards. If you click on the thumbnails and hover over the enlarged image there will be more details on each board that is for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in a board.