The most fun you can have lying down?

Individual handmade wooden surf craft, made in the wrong place....


Bellyboard |ˈbɛlɪbɔːd|

a small surfboard ridden in a prone position

Based on the traditional Cornish plywood bellyboard, the silhouette is the same but with a vacuum laminated profile using veneers, a Balsa frame and closed cell foam core. The boards are then fibreglassed using 4oz cloth and a plant-based bio-resin. Light, buoyant, flexible and fast.

I'm open to custom designs and collaboration. Below are the boards I currently have in stock. Click on the thumbnails, then hover over the image for pricing and any extra information.



Traditionally a short wide solid wood board originating in Hawaii. As the bellyboards, vacuum laminated but with a shaped Balsa frame and rigid foam core this time. A hull shaped nose, into a tapered double concave tail section. Very flexible with a large planing surface and sharp rail profiles. Very fast and controllable. Will easily catch both big and small waves.